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Do you push through when you are exhausted, having aches and pains, getting headaches?

Recently, I had a very scary episode that landed me in the hospital overnight...


Do you DO, DO, DO all the time and forget to take time and just BE?


We were meant to just BE sometimes, yet in this fast paced world we are always trying to be productive and DO things...

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Have you ever heard yourself saying I don't have enough time?


Whether its turning down something someone is asking you to do, it's in response to looking at your to do list, or it's something you...


Have you ever been having a good day and them, all of a sudden, you weren't?


Things started going wrong, or your kids didn't do something they had been asked for the umpteenth time to do and that sent you over the edge? When this happens...


When you think of trye happiness, do you think you can create it through choice or do you think it is something that just happens to you?


 Do you think some people are just lucky to find it? If you look at the science behind...


Do you ever find yourself saying I should do this, I should do that, I shouldn't be doing that?


Why do we, as a women, should on ourselves all the time?  We don't always have...

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